Mosquito Control

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Are biting pests like mosquitoes and gnats ruining your outdoor activities? Blue Ridge Pest Control has the mosquito control solution that is right for your specific needs.

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Barrier Treatments are highly effective and also very affordable. During mosquito and gnat season, our trained, certified Technicians perform a Barrier Treatment every 2 to 4 weeks. Our Barrier Treatments include the following:

  • Inspection of the outdoor area;
  • Surface spray treatment of the target area;
  • Jet-fogging of harborage areas; and
  • Larvaciding of mosquito breeding areas.

Our Technicians customize the service to provide you maximum control whether it is around your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool or entire yard. We also offers a Green Barrier Treatment program utilizing organic, bio-degradable products.

Barrier Treatments are also ideal for outdoor dining areas at restaurants.


If you are planning a special outdoor event and do not want uninvited, biting pests ruining your special occasion, then hiring Blue Ridge will save the day. We provide one time service for weddings, birthday parties, picnics, and other special occasions.


We offers a customized Outdoor Residential Misting System Program utilizing a system made by either Coastal Mosquito Control or MistAway Systems, both of which have a proven track record of effectiveness and reliability. The Misting System has a Lifetime Warranty on repair labor and a 2-Year Limited Warranty on parts, at no additional charge, for as long as you have a Service and Maintenance Agreement.

The automatic misting system is controlled by a digital timer
which is set to deliver a fine, exactly measured mist for approximately 30 seconds at various times during the day, usually during the early morning and late evening, when mosquitoes and gnats are most active. Palmetto utilizes the most effective mosquito control products that are EPA-registered and also utilizes organic products as part of our overall program. In fact, Blue Ridge offers a complete Green Misting System Program.

What sets Blue Ridge Pest Control apart from other companies is our premier service. Our program includes, at no extra charge, surface spray treatment, jet fog treatment, and larvaciding providing our customers with the most effective control.


With budget cuts slashing county and municipal mosquito control programs, your neighborhood is most likely in need of additional mosquito control. Blue Ridge Pest Control provides broad scale mosquito control to entire communities, including around clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, administrative buildings, golf courses, jogging paths, nature trails and anywhere your neighborhood needs control. We design a program tailored to meet your specific needs.