New Construction Treatments

Blue Ridge Pest Control realizes the numerous choices available to builders when choosing a company to pre-treat their new construction to control Subterranean Termites. Once you consider what Blue Ridge has to offer you and your new homeowner, the choice is obvious.

Call 864.878.6065 today to discuss our top quality pre-treatment program and new construction treatment options with Bobby Trotter.

Why Do Builders/Contractors Choose Us For Their Termite Pretreatments?

  • We offer pretreatment programs that are innovative, effective and economical. We dare you to compare.
  • We lead the industry with over 30,000 treatments performed as of early 2006.
  • We are now certified to offer a Mold & Mildew Treatment for new construction using Bora-Care with Mold-Care By Nisus. This treatment can be performed at the same time as the termite pretreatment. Bora-Care with Mold-Care is a fungicide/moldicide that actually kills and controls surface mold and mildew. Protect yourself and your customers by calling Blue Ridge Pest Control today to obtain more information about this exciting new treatment.
  • We utilize the best products on the market today: Bora-Care; Bora Care with Mold-Care; Termidor; Premise; and Talstar.
  • We boast a reliable and friendly staff dedicated to our new construction business so that scheduling and documentation is no hassle.
  • Blue Ridge’s treatments are guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements.  In addition, we treat the soil with Termidor® during annual inspections.
  • The Termite Agreement with Blue Ridge Pest Control is automatically transferred to the new homeowner.
  • Blue Ridge Pest Control  offers your customer the best termite protection plan in the Upstate, which includes damage repair agreements and automatic coverage for Formosan Termites.
  • Blue Ridge Pest Control  is dedicated to assisting builders in any way possible.